Source : Sarawak Tribune dated February 4th, 2021

KUCHING: If you are contacted by a suspicious person, immediately turn off the telephone, advised Padwan District police chief Supt Aidil Bolhassan.

“Do not provide any bank account information or personal details to the caller and never transfer money to a third party account.

“Immediately call or come to the nearest police station for help,” he added in a statement on Thursday (Feb 4).

Aidil reminded the public to be more cautious and aware of the modus operandi of cyber criminals as well as to conduct validity checks to avoid becoming victims of frauds and scams.  

He said frauds were committed through phone calls or social media using Whatsapps, Facebook and Instagram applications almost every day.

He added that according to reports, a total of 216 investigation papers were opened involving a loss value estimated at RM21.4 million between Jan 1 and Dec 31 last year.

For the same period in 2019, a total of 76 investigation papers were opened with a total loss of RM1.9 million, he added.

“It is easy to panic and be quick to believe when receiving a phone call which can cause a person to be deceived and to follow all requests and instructions of the criminal,” said Aidil.

He also pointed out that the police or any government agency had never asked the public to deposit money into the account of any individual to resolve a case.

He urged the public to channel relevant information to the nearest police station or contact the Padawan Commercial Crime Investigation Division at 013-7711258 or 082- 862233.