By: Ramani

Early September while I was going for lunch, I received a Whatsapp call bearing a Big Pay logo. Out of curiosity, I answered the call and the person on the other side introduced that he is a staff from Big Pay and informed that I have won a contest worth of RM 2,000.

It sounds very suspicious to me and I said not interested, abruptly the person hanged up the phone.

Since it is a first time receiving such a call from Big Pay, I quickly googled about Big Pay scams and found out that there are scams happening in the pretext of Big Pay.

I blocked and reported the Whatsapp call. Then I just ignored it.

Again, on the night of October 26, I received another Whatsapp call.

I answered and he greeted me with “Assalamualaikum” and introduced himself from Big Pay, I kept quiet, hanged up the phone, blocked and reported the number to Whatsapp.

If you come across any calls pretending from Big Pay, verify first and don’t panic!

I have come across some tips taken from Big Pay website.

For those unfamiliar, BigPay is a free money app that comes with a card you can use anywhere in the world. It gives you the best exchange rates, and it helps you budget by tracking all your expenditures.

These are the most common types of scams that are currently happening:

Phone and SMS scams – you could get a call or SMS from someone pretending to be a BigPay staff member who may mislead you into giving away important information. Fraudsters might go the extra mile to impersonate us by using our logo as their profile image.

Phishing – you receive fake emails or access suspicious websites that trick you into entering personal data or your card details.

How to tell if it’s really Big Pay

Calls or text messages can look like they’re from BigPay, so if you receive an unexpected call or text message from them, use these pointers to determine if it is legitimate:

In a text message, Big Pay will not:

  • Send you a link to a website and ask you to provide private information (such as a One Time Password (OTP), phone number or your PIN) to redeem cash prizes
  • Claim that we’ve detected suspicious activity on your account
  • To contact you by phone, we will not:
  • Call you using a personal mobile number
  • Call you on WhatsApp
  • Reach out to you to request for private information (such as your OTP, date of birth or your PIN)

Outside our app, Big Pay will not ask for:

  • Your PIN (this is the 6 digit number you use to log in, make card payments or withdraw money from an ATM)
  • The full 16 digit number on your card or three digit number (CVV) on the back of your card
  • Any other password like your email address password or other private information

What should you do if this happens to you:

You could get a call or SMS from someone pretending to be a BigPay staff member, a bank clerk, or someone you trust who then misleads you into giving away important information. If this happens to you, don’t panic, take a moment to gather yourself and take the following actions:

  • Hang up immediately.
  • Using the info above, determine the legitimacy of the message. If the message is a scam, block the number and delete the message from your phone.
  • Do not respond if someone asks you to confirm your CVV on the back of the card (the last three digits on the back of the card) or OTP/TAC for any reason. End the call right away.
  • Do not respond to fake emails or SMS from suspicious links or unknown senders seeking personal information.
  • Do not respond to a request seeking for you to validate or verify your personal information or details of any transaction.