Jobs in North America

Cyber Security Incident Response Specialist

Rosemead, California, USA
Date posted: February 1, 2021
Key Responsibilities:
  • Develop advanced mitigations to ensure defensive resiliency. 
  • Monitor and respond to various security alerts, investigate, triage, and analyze events and evidences of attack as well as escalating and reporting cyber events to various team members and stakeholders. 
  • Monitor relevant cyber threat feeds, toolsets and alerts.
  • Analyze internal data feeds from alerting and monitoring tools to detect and prevent malicious adversary actions and misconfigurations.

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Cybersecurity Architect

Herndon, Virginia, USA
Date posted: February 1, 2021
Key Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the design, architecture and implementation of enterprise grade cybersecurity solutions.
  • Improve architectural adoption through automation and the efficient use of security tools to solve challenges at scale.
  • Identify security requirements by evaluating business needs and technical requirements and relate them to required/desired security controls.
  • Architect and design cybersecurity systems both individually and collaboratively.

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Senior Director, Incident Response & Threat

Vancouver, Canada

Date posted: January 31, 2021

Key Responsibilities:

  • Commanding, managing and coordinating complex IRs
  • Assessing toolset and processes used within the IR delivery
  • Critical analysis of existing Herjavec Group processes in order to facilitate the scalability of company operations
  • Managing the IR team and ensuring they remain motivated and skilled to perform their duties

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Pen Tester

Columbia, Maryland, USA

Date posted: January 27, 2021

Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform analysis, penetration testing, reverse engineering and exploit development in our lab.
  • Actively analyze security functions for design weaknesses, technical flaws and system vulnerabilities.
  • Research new threats, attack vectors and risks and apply your hacking skills, creativity and imagination to develop and execute your own exploits on various systems.
  • Try and break devices and get at the protected data.

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Senior Security Penetration Tester

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Date posted: January 14, 2021

Key Responsibilities:

  • Support a global program to actively identify and remediate vulnerabilities across Equifax systems and provide an internal competency for performing technical security assessments of the Equifax IT infrastructure.
  • This position is crucial to the overall security posture of Equifax and requires the ability to lead and manage multiple complex projects simultaneously.
  • Responsible for supporting the execution of an industry leading program to reduce risk and requires the ability to assist in development and execution of strategic plans, enhancing Vulnerability Management program and processes, and maintaining industry awareness of common techniques utilized by attackers.

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