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14-Year Olds Exposed to Sex Clips During Online Examination!

Sitting for any school examination can be stressful and daunting. And with the last two years, where everything including school lessons and exams have been conducted online, school children both in primary and secondary levels are going through a whole different level of pressure where they have to get used to the new norms of coping with learning online.

by K. Vatsala Devi
unwanted sex clips during online examination

For now, no one really knows how challenging this phase has been for teachers, students, and parents. With all this going on, imagine how traumatized a group of 14-year-old school children in KL must have felt when an online examination session turned into an impromptu but unwelcome introduction to porn as an explicit sex video started playing on their screens.

Malaysia Chronicle reported that two parents who spoke to FMT on the condition of anonymity said the  incident happened when the students were taking attendance before a design and technology (RBT) exam conducted via video conferencing platform Google Meet. The parents further explained that the teacher in charge immediately ordered the students to exit the virtual classroom.

The exam was the then conducted using online forms. To date, they have yet to apprehend the offender who shared the video in the group.

Always Practice Safety Online

Frustratingly for the parents, neither the students nor the teachers seemed to know who had shared the video in the group but the parents believe this could only have been done by someone who had hosting capabilities and they are unsure how the perpetrator gained access to the meeting. With the teachers unlike to have shared the inappropriate video, one can only arrive at the conclusion that the class could have been hacked.

Whether it was a deliberate act by a student or that the Google meet session was indeed hacked by unknown parties for unknown reasons, this incident further highlights how important cyber hygiene and cyber security are to an environment. To think that hacks could only happen to big organization with money to lose is a lackadaisical thought. Everyone should approach the cyber space and practice cyber hygiene with the thought that a hack can happen to anyone.

So everyone, please be safe when you are online. Read the full story here.

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