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ATM ensures to constantly monitor defence communication network

by ESPC Reporters

KUALA LUMPUR: The cyber security and defence aspects of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) are monitored constantly to counter any threat that could disrupt the ATM defence communication network, said ATM Chief General Tan Sri Affendi Buang.

He said appropriate actions and measures needed to be implemented by cyber system administrators as a measure to address any possible cyber attacks by foreign elements that could disrupt the operation of the ATM and Defence Ministry’s cyber system.

“ATM always monitors and steps up its cyber security through its Defence Cyber and Electromagnetic Division (BSEP) and the Cyber Defence Operations Center (CDOC).

“BSEP and CDOC not only strengthen the ATM’s monitoring and defence communications network, but also protect the country’s strategic defence communications network,“ he said in a statement today.

He said instructions issued by CDOC, as well as measures taken, that were viralled on social media were normal practice as a reminder.

Yesterday, it was viralled on social media about an internal directive by ATM of the need for it to enhance the country’s cyber defence following the cyber threat from Israel.

Source: Bernama

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