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Calyx OS prefered over 1st choice Android OS?

by Shah Farouq

Calyx OS is a new operating system (OS) that could pose a threat to the current Android OS as it focuses on keeping the users’ data and security private for everyday users. Currently, there are nearly 1300, phone brands using the Android OS as part of their operating system to cater over 2.5 billion active users.

Nowadays, security and privacy is a priority to many users as we live in a digital age whereby information is constantly transferring and it could be picked up by anyone on the digital platform. User’s data are collected almost everyday. For example, when we send messages to our friends or just browsing the web to shop for items.

The collected data will later be transmitted to advertising companies who could make targeted advertisement towards us based on our data that they have collected. Or even worse it could fall onto the hands of cyber-criminals that could commit fraud or scam with the information.

Privacy Issues with Android OS

The problem with Android OS is that it is an open-source software where with a source code, anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance the software. Since, android is led by Google, most of the data collected by the mobile devices goes to them.

Although we know that the benefit of open-source code is that there will no hidden trackers or spyware hiding among the code, it is still questionable whether users can trust their personal data in the hands of Google.

Google has been known to share their user’s data when it is requested by the government or any foreign law enforcement agencies. Google may hand over data on user accounts which may include IP addresses, metadata, and other personal data.

How Calyx OS is the solution

Calyx OS 2
The Calyx OS update
Image Source: The Calyx Insitute Facebook Page

Calyx OS includes a host of features which includes the ability to communicate through encrypted protocols, automatic security updates, and anonymized web browsing.

Your personal data can also be backed up at any time, with strong encryption as well. The Calyx OS, also uses microG which acts as a bridge between other applications and Google’s own services that offers less web tracking as compared to Google.

In addition, microG aims to provide a replacement to these services in a way that does not involve your Google account at all. To break it down it is a free (as in freedom) and open-source re-implementation of Google’s own services. It helps create a fake ID  so that your activities on the store is not traced back to you.

Furthermore, the Calyx OS will come with Chromium which is much like the Google Chrome but does not have any open connection to Google. This means for the users who browse the web using Chromium would not have their information being taken and send over to Google. Besides that, users can transition their favorite Google extensions onto Chromium as in functions the same way as Chrome but without the web tracking from Google

calyx os prefered-choice-over-goliath-android-os
The two play store that comes with the Calyx OS
Image Source: WirelessMoves

The System Comes with Two Play Stores

Moreover, the CalyxOS offers not one but two play stores. The first play store is called Aurora which is like Google Play Store but you can download the apps without accessing your own Google  account so your data would not be taken by Google. Besides that, by using the Aurora, you can check what and how much trackers are on  a specific app.

The second play store is called the F android which provides you with open-source code apps. Due to the code being public, so naturally it will not keep or track any data from the users. Using this open-source code applications will make users have a peace of mind from being tracked or targeted by advertising companies or unwanted intruders.


A man eavesdropping onto a private conversation

Finally, Calyx OS includes support for Android Verified Boot, a part of the Android OS that ensures all executed code on the device comes from trusted sources. In the end, Calyx OS lets their users enjoy their experience that puts privacy and security into the hands of everyday users.

This for sure is good news for users as it will keep them safe from prying eyes that are all over web browsers or applications. This will keep the users relief from having people listening onto their private conversations and using the information for the wrong reasons. For a safer experience, users should definitely give the Calyx OS a try in their mobile devices.

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