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Exciting Times Ahead For Serba Dinamik Cybersecurity & FNS

FNS and Serba Dinamik Cybersecurity plans to take it to the next level by discussing on signing a Memorandum for agreement (MOA).

by Shah Farouq

Cybersecurity is an emerging industry and has gained popularity almost instantly thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that has necessitated individuals to be tethered to their smart devices, be it for work or leisure. With more time spent online, it also means that we need to amp up our cybersecurity hygiene and infrastructure.

Fulfilling the need for cybersecurity offerings, Serba Dinamik has established the Serba Dinamik Cybersecurity Sdn Bhd subsidiary that aims to mostly empower enterprises and the public sector to challenge the status quo and creatively disrupt various industries with the latest digital technologies and solutions across cloud, connectivity, cybersecurity, and smart services.

Operating under the five pillars of education, community, research & development, media, and marketplace, SDSCB aims to make business and life easier for the nation and its people. This objective has led to SDCSB and Feasible Network System FNS [M] Sdn. Bhd to a round table to discuss fruitful collaboration. At the meeting that took place on 11 November 2021 at the FNS office in Kuala Lumpur, FNS and SDCSB are planning to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to work hand-in-hand on their Blockchain Security Authentication services.

Serba Dinamik Cybersecurity and FNS has big plans
From Left: Senior Vice President of Serba Dinamik Cybersecurity Division, Associate Professor Dato’ Husin Jazri, Director of FNS (M) Sdn Bhd, Thaib Mustafa, Senior General Manager, Azzudin Abg Bohari

BSA is a password less authentication technology that is used to avoid credential attacks – a condition when cybercriminals bypass an organizational security measure and steal their important data. Blockchain, in its essence is a distributed database that provides a secure, yet transparent way to make, record and verify any type of transaction. Read this article to get a better understanding on how the BSA system works.

Senior Vice President of Serba Dinamik Cybersecurity Division, Associate Professor Dato’ Husin Jazri met with Thaib Mustafa, the Director of FNS (M) Sdn Bhd, today to discuss future collaborative projects that would assist in enhancing cybersecurity measures within the country, which would result  in the nation having a more robust cybersecurity infrastructure that could potentially safeguard the nation, its people, and government agencies from cyber risks and cyber threats.

An interesting outcome from the meeting is that the two firms plan to introduce the BSA system to Sarawak. Both companies firmly believe that the Sarawak Government could benefit from adopting the passwordless security system to enable a faster and secure authentication.

It is clear that with the winning partnership and sublime product of SDCSB and FNS, this could bring a whole new dimension in the cybersecurity industry.

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