Home Business FNS Soaring High in Blockchain Development (BSA). Aims to Be at the Top of the Tree in Providing Security, Trustworthiness and Personal Control.

FNS Soaring High in Blockchain Development (BSA). Aims to Be at the Top of the Tree in Providing Security, Trustworthiness and Personal Control.

The technology allowing humanity to create enormous value and provide security that cannot be duplicated in the digital world is not only a spectacular achievement but a testament to a company that is on a mission to fundamentally change market structures, and maybe even the architecture of the Internet itself.

by Shah Farouq
Director of FNS (M) Sdn Bhd, Thaib Mustafa

When people hear about blockchain, the first thing that comes to their mind is usually the technology that powers up the cryptocurrency called Bitcoin but they’re actually more than that.

Blockchain is shorthand for a suite of disturbed ledger technologies that can be programmed to record or track any data or information. What makes Blockchain more unique is that all the information is designed to be decentralized so the information could not be tempered with.

This technology has expended an has even expended its use to the cyber security industry and is called the Blockchain Secure Authentication.

The Feasible Network System (FNS) (M) SDN.BHD a wholly owned subsidiary of FNS Value Co. Ltd (FNSV), Korea invests in the future of security that is the Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA) which will provide, secure and fast authentication for users.

The Greener Side of BSA

BSA is a passwordless authentication technology is used to avoid credential attacks, a condition when cybercriminals bypass an organizational security measure and steal their important data.

Blockchain Secure Authentication (BSA) True Passwordless Security

Besides that it ensure secure access to applications, network, data and systems with trusted users and devices identities, while ensuring the privacy compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

The risk of stolen or duplicated device will be mitigated by BSA unique feature of cancelling the authentication upon detection of compromised device profile or its duplication.

The benefit of the comes in as the login approval is now given via smartphone users, as approval of login using a smartphone that is owned and registered by the user.

So, if a user plans to access to one of their accounts through their personal computer (PC) or laptop, they can immediately grant their access through their smartphone instead of relying on One-Time Password (OTP) SMS or any other verification code.

This authentication technology has been used in several organizations to manage login accounts to its website, webmail, mobile applications, etc. BSA is extremely secure, passwordless, and at no cost for OTP SMS which makes it a more cost-efficient system.

It could not be denied that the BSA is one of the future of passwordless authentication solution for both the public and private enterprises.

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