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Modernizing Application Has to Go Hand in Hand with Security

by Shah Farouq

Nowadays, as technology development progresses, there is a need to modernize the legacy application through digital transformation.

One of the panelist in the 13th Annual OIC Cert, OIC General Secretariat, Dr. Adil Rapurt states that legacy applications were built without having any design security in mind as compared to the enterprise application which more complex and built upon a more secure fashion.

“Legacy application is being replaced by enterprise application through digital transformation as a means of society growth and to embark on digital act.

“For example, we are replacing traditional human resources such as social media has replaced the way humans have communicate,” he added.

Another panelist, Senior Vice President (SVP) of Serba Dinamik Group Berhad Cybersecurity Division, Prof. Husin Jazri explains that with modern application there is a wave of cybersecurity issues that have been brought up, however, the industry is still focused on the technical problem rather than the most vulnerable part which is the human layer.

Can Cybersecurity Keep Pace with Modernize Application?
The moderator and the three speakers

“This has created a gap which allow hackers, scammers and those involve in cybercrimes getting big opportunities in this big dimension,” he said.

He further added that cybersecurity has become as important as ever because the evolution has the world embraced the digital world in a much greater scale than the humankind anticipated and there is a need of fundamental instrument where security and privacy become part of the growth.

“Security and Privacy will become very fundamental to the growth, development, education and to the living of mankind throughout the world so that this digital world will create a balance between good and evil,” he explained.

The third panelist from OMAN National Cert, Dr. Haitham Hilal Al Hajri emphasized that as part of the technology industry, people are looking to upgrade themselves because anything traditional will have a lot of loopholes where cybercriminal will leverage.

“For instance, legacy applications were built with no security in mind like Dr Adil mentioned, before they just wanted the system to work without thinking how to secure it.

“That is why you see a lot of national critical infrastructure like oil and gas company, they were more worried about physical security, but they didn’t think that the legacy system would one day go online like today,”

“So traditional is no longer a way we should think, we have to be agile, and we have to be adaptive to what is happening in the world today.

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