South America

February 5, 2021 — Eletrobras, the largest power company in Latin America, faces a temporary suspension of some operations.

Two state-owned utility companies in Brazil suffered separate ransomware attacks in the past week, forcing them to shut down some operations and services temporarily, In one case, sensitive data was stolen and dumped online, including network access logins and engineering plans. Source: threat post 

December 7, 2020 — Brazilian company Embraer, considered today’s third-largest airplane maker after Boeing and Airbus, was the victim of a ransomware attack last month.

Today, hackers involved in the intrusion have leaked some of the company’s private files as revenge after the airplane maker refused to negotiate and instead chose to restore systems from backups without paying their ransom demand.

The Embraer files were shared on a website hosted on the dark web, managed by the RansomExx (also known as Defray777) ransomware gang. Source: ZDNet

December 3, 2020 — The personal information of more than 243 million Brazilians, including alive and deceased, has been exposed online after web developers left the password for a crucial government database inside the source code of an official Brazilian Ministry of Health’s website for at least six months.

The security snafu was discovered by reporters from Brazilian newspaper Estadao, the same newspaper that last week discovered that a Sao Paolo hospital leaked personal and health information for more than 16 million Brazilian COVID-19 patients after an employee uploaded a spreadsheet with usernames, passwords, and access keys to sensitive government systems on GitHub. Source: ZDNet

November 18, 2020 — Previously unknown malware has been detected in widespread attacks against e-commerce customers in Latin America. 

The malware, dubbed Chaes by Cybereason Nocturnus researchers, is being deployed by a threat actor across the LATAM region to steal financial information. Source: ZDNet

November 14, 2020 — Chilean-based multinational retail company Cencosud has suffered a cyberattack by the Egregor ransomware operation that impacts services at stores.

Cencosud is one of the largest retail companies in Latin America, with over 140,000 employees and $15 billion in revenue for 2019. Cencosud manages a wide variety of stores in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru, including Easy home goods, Jumbo supermarkets, and the Paris department stores. Source: BleepingComputer

Brazil's court system under massive RansomExx ransomware attack

November 5, 2020 — Brazil’s Superior Court of Justice was hit by a ransomware attack on Tuesday during judgment sessions that were taking place over video conference.

“The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) announces that the court’s information technology network suffered a hacker attack on Tuesday (3), during the afternoon, when the six group classes’ judgment sessions took place,” STJ President Humberto Martins said in an official statement on the Supreme Federal Court’s website.

September 11, 2020 — The sixth edition of the international CyberEx competition on cyber incidents was held this week with the participation of 305 people divided into 80 teams. The CSIRT of Telefónica de España was the winner, second place went to the Sphinx team, from Egypt, and third place went to the Trojans team, from the Netherlands. Source: Organization of American States

Argentina: September 6, 2020 — Argentina’s official immigration agency, Dirección Nacional de Migraciones, suffered a Netwalker ransomware attack that temporarily halted border crossing into and out of the country.

While ransomware attacks against cities and local agencies have become all too common, this may be a first known attack against a federal agency that has interrupted a country’s operations. Source: BleepingComputer

August 24, 2020 – Brazil has seen a spike in brute-force cyberattacks driven by the increase in remote working, according to a new report on security threats in the first six months of 2020.

More than 2.6 billion attempts at cyber attacks have been recorded by cybersecurity firm Fortinet from January to June, out of a total of 15 billion attempts across Latin America and the Caribbean. Source: ZDNet

Peru: July 28, 2020 – Peru has greatly increased digital access over the past decade and efforts underway will continue to close the gap as expansion of continues into rural areas deep in the interior – via satellite connections and associated hardware installation. Source: Anti Corruption Digest

Brazil: July 14, 2020 – is a well-known country with plenty of banking trojans developed by local crooks. The Brazilian criminal underground is home to some of the world’s busiest and most creative perpetrators of cybercrime. Like their counterparts’ in China and Russia, their cyberattacks have a strong local flavor, and for a long time, they limited their attacks to the customers of local banks. Source: Kaspersky

February 11, 2020 – The Brazilian government has created a national cybersecurity strategy with the core objectives of increasing the country’s digital trustworthiness and resilience against cyber threats.

There are good initiatives currently in place in Brazil around cybersecurity, but they are “fragmented” and introduced on an ad-hoc basis, which “hinders the convergence of efforts in the sector,” said the presidential decree that created the strategy. Another problem of the current set-up is the “lack of normative, strategic and operational alignment.” Source: ZDNet