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Tapping the Cybersecurity Economy Potential

by K. Vatsala Devi
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Digital economy in layman terms simply means the impact of digital technology on patterns of production and consumption. This includes how goods and services are marketed, traded and paid for. Today the term encompasses a dizzying array of technologies and their application. This includes artificial intelligence, the IoT, augmented and virtual reality, cloud computing, blockchain, robotics and autonomous vehicles.

cybersecurity economy is untapped
Datuk Dr. Mohd Yusoff Sulaiman, the Chief Executive Officer of MIGHT in deep discussion with Assoc Prof Col(R) Dato’ Ts Dr Husin Jazri

Digital economy presents Malaysia with new economic opportunities, and many including analysts believe that the nation can deeply benefit from it. ESPC concurs and going digital would effectively mean that a robust cybersecurity infrastructure is needed and it is for the sole purpose of exploring into the digital economy with proper cyber security infrastructure in place that the Senior Vice President of Serba Dinamik Cybersecurity Sdn Bhd, Assoc Prof Col(R) Dato’ Ts Dr Husin Jazri met with Datuk Dr. Mohd Yusoff Sulaiman, the Chief Executive Officer of MIGHT (Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology) over a possible collaboration.

Digital Security, Digital Privacy and Digital Economy needs an integrated strategy as a winnable formula for the Malaysia Digital Economy thus, Serba Dinamik Cybersecurity will be the vehicle to align good cybersecurity practices with economic policy. The coming year promises to be a year where MIGHT, ESPC, MDeC, and other relevant agencies coming together to empower enterprises and the public sector to challenge the status quo and creatively disrupt various industries with the latest digital technologies and solutions across cloud, connectivity, cybersecurity, and smart services.

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