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Taylor’s University Fronting the Cyber Initiative

by ESPC Reporters

Image: President of Taylor’s Agent of Tech Club, Jasper Ang Jia Hui

By Anthea Yap

Kuala Lumpur: Cybersecurity professionals are working harder to cope with the changing landscape of cyber threats.

Companies are facing a rapidly evolving threat landscape too, impacting their information security measures.

Online users are directly exposed to scammers and cyber criminals.  

And the Covid-19 pandemic has stepped things up by unleashing a blizzard of cyber-attacks, ranging from phishing to ransomware with many data breaches.

It is reported that 91% of firms have seen an increase in cybersecurity attacks.

According to the President of Taylor’s Agents of Tech Club, Jasper Ang Jia Hui, the cybersecurity landscape today revealed that major breaches on organizations such as Facebook and LinkedIn or major security incidents such as the SolarWinds hack had affected hundreds if not thousands of companies worldwide.

He also mentioned how The Cyber Initiative, a one -day panel discussion organised by Agents of Tech aims to expose students and public to the cybersecurity industry by providing insights and advice from leading industrial players.

“Most students and fresh graduates nowadays lack the necessary information regarding cybersecurity and the critical role it plays in protecting everyone in this new era where the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more prominent in everyday life”, he said during an exclusive interview with ESPC.

More than five panel speakers and moderators from various backgrounds in the industry will be discussing about their personal insight of their journey into the industry as well as protection alert at the upcoming virtual event on Saturday.

Among prominent speakers participating are Mr Alan See, CEO of Firmus and A.Prof.Dr. Husin Jazri, the Chief Editor of ESPC, Serba Dinamik Cybersecurity.

“I want to raise awareness to students about cybersecurity and encourage them to pursue this ever-growing industry as security breaches increase every day, and through the education and awareness, we hope to have sufficient manpower to fully defend ourselves from these threats”, Jasper said.

Agents of Tech was established as the sole official technology club at Taylor’s University in March 2015 to satisfy quench the thirst of anyone who is curious about technology.  

From hardcore coding to stunning designs, the diversified club provides workshops to get people equipped with the 21st century skillset in technology and more.

The diverse club caters to all passionate students and educators from various universities. It is the place where hackathon, tech talks and workshops take centre stage.

For more information, please join us in our web-streaming at www.espc2go.com from 1.30pm onwards on Saturday, 17 April 2021.

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