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Users Got A Right to Say No to Data Collection

Apparently, with regards to private data and access to financial data, individuals will trust machines more than humans.

by Shah Farouq

In a modern era, where the artificial intelligence collects data, people stop to wonder whether the information that is collected could harm them in the future?

In cinematic masterpieces where they show that technology learns and try to overthrow the humans, it has created fear among the people to whether it is safe to place their trust in machines.

Brenda Van Rensburg, Cyber Security & Privacy Risk Head, RSM states that data privacy is important especially when the collection process involves a persons first name, last name, drivers, address, driver’s license etc.

Although sometimes it is required to give these information, she reminded users out there in the European Union that they are protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Article 17.

“In the GDPR Article 17 is called the “Right To Be Forgotten” where the subjects has the right to delete their personal information which has been collected.

“In short, if someone says ‘Delete My Data’, then the collector should delete the information that is gathered unless it falls within the exemptions,” she said.

Data privacy is important and that is why it should only be collected to those who could meet the regulatory requirements as well as protecting the confidentiality and immutability of it.

As a user it is important to know your rights on your personal data as you do not want it falling in the wrong hands.

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