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Weak Passwords: The Reason that Causes All Online Fears

by Shah Farouq
what can we learn from a hack

As people now are heading towards the digital era, whereby most of them spend time online and most have accounts for social, financial and many more.

In times like these, news about accounts being hacked have become a norm and people will question how could this have happened?

Paul Haskell, Associate Dean, Edith Cowan University showed that it might be people make mistakes that people are still using simple combinations for their account.

“People are still using simple combinations and I could use a password list and try to identify a particular individual password.

“If the list did not work and I can use another list so I can keep trying different combinations until it works,” he said.

People should be more selective of their combinations instead of coming up with simple combinations because if you still use a weak password then it would be easy for bad actors to hack your account.

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