Children and Youth Online Safety Resources

The love that we have for our children is beyond believe. In the physical world, we would do anything to protect our children. In the cyber world, it is no different. ESPC promotes and supports Children and Youth Online Safety Initiatives around the world. ESPC compiles many resources to assist you on how to provide a safe online environment for our children and teenagers. 

The following book recommendations are provided by Kayelene Kerr, a Body Safety, Cyber Safety and Pornography Education Specialist from eSafeKids, Australia

Cyber Safety, Digital Wellness & Media Literacy

This book is a simple way to help connected kids keep themselves and their data safe. It clearly outlines what to do if they come across adult content or risky links and what behaviour to avoid, such as uploading their picture, personal details or interacting with strangers.

My Device RULES! cuts through to a young child because the message is delivered when you have their undivided attention, using rhyming language, colourful illustrations and child-friendly humour. Reinforced by games and scenarios, it clearly defines risks that children need to watch out for and reinforces the need to check with a safe adult if any device content may be dangerous.

When Pebbles the Possum looks up from her screen, she sees the moon shining brightly outside her window. She decides to stop looking up faraway places on her tablet, and visit them in real life instead. But to finish her rocket ship and get to the moon she’ll need some help from people in her family. If only they could look up from their screens long enough to help her. This fun and entertaining story will delight young readers while teaching them important lessons about screen time balance.

Online grooming is a serious and sensitive issue. Help start a conversation with your child about keeping safe from online grooming by reading this carefully crafted book written in a child friendly language. Popcorn is, quite simply, the friendliest chicken at Fiddlesticks farm! When she finds a Fabulous Friend Machine (mobile phone) in the barn, she sets about making some brand-new friends. But behind the screen maybe her new friends are not so friendly after all.

Sexualised Media & Pornography

Written in safe language for children Milly’s Message is the perfect way to let young kids know that coming across these images is not their fault and they can always seek help from an adult they trust when they see things that are not meant for kid’s eyes. Milly loves to explore and learn. One day at school, someone show Milly a movie on a phone that makes her feel sick. Milly was lucky to have a safe adult help her through this experience and now she teaches children that some adult behaviours can be harmful for kids to see.