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ESPC is working with various organisations and individuals to provide you with resources that can assist you to make informed decisions while at the same time promote the healthy and safe use of technology for you and your family members. 

This booklet is developed by CyberSecurity Malaysia in collaboration with National Council of Women’s Organisations Malaysia, Digi, University Kebangsaan Malaysia and University Malaysia. 


The aim of this booklet is to assist parents and guardians with cyber parenting in the digital world. It will help parents engage in their children’s online lives and practice setting relevant rules and norms to protect them. More resources can be found at CyberSafe Malaysia

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The Problem with Parents, Kids, and Social Media

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), UK has written an article on how to enjoy online gaming securely by following just a few simple tips. 

According to NCSC, UK, Many people love playing games online. In fact, an estimated 1.2 billion of us are regularly logging on, signing up and playing online. 

Unfortunately, whenever money or personal data is changing hands online, criminals can be watching, looking for some way to turn the situation to their advantage. 

The advice outlined below is intended to help safeguard you and your personal data when gaming. Whether you use a PC, console, phone or tablet, these steps will help prevent you falling victim to a criminal. This will leave you free to focus on enjoying the game. Read further at: NCSC, UK

Digital Kidnapping (Source: Today)

New 2020 Child Online Protection Guidelines (Source: ITU)

Source: NCSC, UK -- Protecting devices from viruses and malware
Source: NCSC, UK -- Dealing with suspicious emails

CyberSmart Parents Education Seminar—Keeping Your Family Safe Online (Source: RSA Conference 2019)

CyberSmart Parents Education Seminar Q&A (Source: RSA Conference 2019)