By: Assoc Prof Col(R) Dato’ Dr Husin Jazri CISSP

The proposal for a study on the need for specific laws to fight cyberbullying by the Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah dated September 22, 2020 is commendable, spot on and timely considering the wide use of the Internet and its application nowadays.

It is hoped that this study can be carried out as fast as it could considering this cyberbullying case is not easy to prevent and investigate, and what more bringing the culprits to the court of law.

A wake-up call took place when a 20 years old girl committed suicide in Penang, Malaysia in the year 2017 due to cyberbullying and harassment by irresponsible group of people who quickly to judge people as “less holly” than them.

We have not heard the conclusion of this case until today.

It is our hope and expectation, the outcome of the study will consider both preventive and prosecutive measures to be used in a proactive ecosystem that promotes ‘education and prevention is better than cure’.

Different approaches to tackle this problem domestically and cross border have to be taken into consideration as well because cyberspace is without borders and cyberbullying and harassment can take place in a very complex situation where forensic data may not be easily collected due to variation of laws between countries.

Let us pray for a better tomorrow and a good outcome of this study.